2nd Recess for Schools, Recreation Sites, & Clubs

2nd Recess is proud to offer curriculum that schools, recreation centers, and clubs can access to bring the program to more sites! The curriculum is comprehensive and allows for a school to use the resources for staff, administrators, parents, and teachers to encourage children of all ages to develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime through running. Every week is outlined with activities that encourage movement and activity with the goal of students completing a major race at the end of the season.


From the 2nd Recess School Curriculum, 2nd Recess can be enjoyed at schools and other sites. The 2nd Recess School Curriculum includes:

  • Weekly practice details and outlines for 30 weeks of practices
  • Adjustable curriculum for different ability levels and ages 4 through 14
  • Motivational topics for discussion at all practices
  • Goal setting exercises
  • Printable handouts to share with participants (including activities and games that can be done at home with the whole family)
  • Templates for all practices and timed runs
  • Information and templates for a school Jog-A-Thon fundraiser
  • Practices can be completed during short recess periods, during physical education classes, or as an after-school program

Sample Curriculum


Each school or recreation site can access the 2nd Recess curriculum for only $99.  The fee allows for a site to login to the Curriculum Portal, and have access to all templates, weekly practice outlines, fundraising and race opportunities for program participants, and printable activities. The curriculum is constantly updated, and the fee allows for 8 months of access to the online Curriculum Portal.  After the 8-month period, fees will need to be resubmitted to gain access to the portal with the latest curriculum and information for the program.

Scholarships are available for schools or sites that may not be able to afford the program.  For more information about scholarships, please contact us at info@2ndrecess.org

Welcome Packet

Each school and/or recreation site will receive a mailed welcome packet that includes:

  • Welcome letter to the program
  • 2nd Recess stickers for participants
  • 2nd Recess Golden Sneaker Award Prize Ribbons
  • One deck of ‘Pick Your Poison’ circuit cards
  • Contact information for any questions and inquiries

For more information about school curriculum, please email us at info@2ndrecess.org

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