What is 2nd Recess?

2nd Recess inspires young athletes and their families to lead active and healthy lives by introducing them to fun and fitness through running. Our program promotes fitness, teamwork, and health education by utilizing our 3 Ps of success – Patience, Perseverance, and Positivity. Our dedicated staff of local, competitive, and professional athletes instill their passion and enthusiasm for the sport into the next generation of superstars!

What skills and lessons do kids learn at 2nd Recess?

Kids learn the importance of warming up, dynamic drills, injury prevention, running technique, racing strategies, goal setting in athletics and life, healthy eating, and more!

What is a typical 2nd Recess practice like?

The typical practice will cover warming up and stretching, one or two running activities or a workout, a cool down and stretch, and finally a healthy snack to wrap things up before check out. During the practice, your children will learn the importance of staying active and eating well while also discovering how fun and exciting running can be. It is the goal of 2nd Recess to have kids come away from the program with a basic understanding of healthy habits and a new sense of curiosity for the sport of running.

Check out this video to see 2nd Recess in action

What ages are welcome to participate in 2nd Recess?

We welcome ages 5 to 13 to our practices. Athletes are divided into age groups and workouts are prescribed by age and ability allowing for kids to be challenged while having fun.

Where and when does 2nd Recess practice?

2nd Recess has many different practice locations in San Diego. To see all of our 2nd Recess locations, please visit the “Find Us” page at www.2ndrecess.org/find-us

What is included in the program fees?

Each child receives a 2nd Recess t-shirt and healthy snack at each practice as part of the program. The fees allow for 2nd Recess to rent facilities for practices, train coaches, admin expenses, and provide each 2nd Recesser their t-shirt and healthy snacks.

Are scholarships available so my child can participate in 2nd Recess?

We offer scholarships for families who may not be able to afford the program but would like their children exposed to running and healthy living. No child will be turned away from 2nd Recess due to financial hardship. If you are interested in learning more about the 2nd Recess scholarships, please contact us at info@2ndrecess.org

Can parents participate or volunteer?

We welcome parents to join us in our activities so if you have an itch to get active then come on out! No matter if you want to participate and run around or just help out we appreciate your support and your kids do as well!

What is the “Snack with a Purpose?”

The “Snack with a Purpose” is the snack that is provided to all 2nd Recessers at the end of each practice. Kids have the opportunity to learn about different fruits, vegetables, and grains and find out why these nutrients are essential for better athletic performance and healthier living.

How do I bring 2nd Recess to my school or community?

If you are interested in bringing 2nd Recess to your school or community, just visit our School and Recreation Site Portal! We are eager to bring 2nd Recess to as many kids as possible and have scholarships available for qualifying schools, recreation sites, and clubs that qualify to access the 2nd Recess curriculum at no cost.

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