Harrison’s love for running was truly encouraged and ignited by your program. He has continued to look to both of you for inspiration and guidance.  He has stated several times that he knows you believe in him and consequently feels inspired to continue to push himself.  He looks to you for tips and coaching.  I also feel very comfortable turning him over to your positive outlook and leadership.  I feel very honored to have released him to you for what has truly proven to be his passion.  

You have helped him set goals for running as well as higher education.  He has now registered for his second half-marathon and is planning on acquiring the Triple Crown this year!  As an 11 year old, he has already made a plan for his college career (University of Oregon) that includes not only his love for running, but knowing that he also needs to focus on his education.  Thank you for all that you have given, and continue to give him.  


Thank you,



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