I wanted to express the heartfelt appreciation my wife and I have for the 2nd Recess program you have developed.  With Jacob and Lily we have been exposed to a vast number of enrichment activities over the last few years—basketball, gymnastics, soccer, choir, tennis, swimming, dance, you name it!!!  But among those opportunities, 2nd Recess really stands out for a number of reasons:


1)     I’m still astonished that athletes at your level are willing to take time away from work, training, etc… to mentor our children.  Can you imagine an elite NBA basketball player giving up one night a week to supervise and coach all comers?  I can’t.  I feel very lucky that my kids are learning proper training techniques from professional athletes.  I’m sure my five year old is one of the few in America that knowingly runs fartleks!!

2)    You have done an amazing job making the program affordable to kids from all walks of life.  Where else can you find a program for kids at a cost of ~$4 / hour?!?  Add in the fun t-shirts, weekly snacks, and great season-end prizes… it is truly a unique situation.

3)    The kids genuinely have a blast.  By deftly meshing play, exercise, and occasional elements of low-key competition you keep the kids interested and motivated.  Innovations like “world’s longest hop-scotch” and “watermelon run” are favorites in my house-hold.  Personally, I love to watch the kids cheer for one another during relay races.

4)    If I ask my kids what they like most about 2nd Recess, they say the coaches.  By putting together a great staff that includes warm, knowledgeable folks like Marie and Kyle you have essentially grown the business, without sacrificing any of what makes it great.

5)    Speaking personally, to have the children engaged in exercise immediately adjacent to adult San Diego Track Club workouts is one of the best elements of the program.  I know of nothing else like it.  My family loves our Tuesday ritual of San Diego Track Club/2nd Recess—having everyone involved makes it more meaningful.  We appreciate the chance to engage our children while driving to the practices and often complete the evening with a dinner out.

6)    Finally, 2nd Recess is different from other activities in that it transcends running.  Broader concepts such as motivation, healthy eating, goals, and even life philosophy are discussed each and every week.  Becoming a better runner is one thing, but becoming a better person is something altogether more powerful. 

For these reasons and many more, THANK YOU and please keep up the great work!!


Yours Sincerely,

Dan and Marna Pippel

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